Shop front
5starThree hour turn-around time on mounting and balancing a set of tires. That’s almost impossible to find in the height of the season. They were also considerate and professional enough to apply grease to the rear axle before reassembly. Some places wouldn’t even bother with a small (but important) detail like that. Small shop with nice people. I hope the City doesn’t force them out as I did notice new construction townhouses ramping up right against the property. This is the kind of small neighborhood business that the City of Chicago should do everything to help but as we all know, that’s not on their agenda these days.
-R.J. Chicago 07/10/15
5starTook in a Honda CRF250L for a spring tune up (oil change, fluids checked, overall check-up). Was called when a space opened up, took the bike in and the work was completed on time.To the point, besides getting the job done promptly and effectively, the work involved was less than expected (it’s a single thumper) so Angel reduced the price from the quote accordingly.It is impossible to beat good service combined with value for money.
-Tom K. Chicago 04/14/15
 5star I spent the better part of two months looking for a motorcycle repair shop to get my vintage Japanese two-stroke motorcycle running again.  With each contact I kept getting put off by shop managers not interested in a finicky vintage bike.   Eventually, I found Motorcycle Mania on Yelp and with the very first contact with Angel I was set.The bike had not run in several years.  I knew that it needed a new fuel petcock but would also need to be re-tuned and looked over closely (i.e. examined for dry rot, cleaned, calibrated, etc).  The parts, of course, were a challenge and took research and time.  With his assistance, I found many of the parts needed and had them shipped to the shop.
In the end, the bike runs like a champ and I had a great experience with a local motorcycle shop that doesn’t deal exclusively in servicing new bikes.  Think about it, Chicago doesn’t really have that many shops like this. Above all, Angel was honest and highly experienced.  He communicated each step of the various repairs with professionalism and was prompt to respond to my concerns/questions.  I would highly recommend this shop and will use them again in the future.  Thanks for the opportunity to speak on their behalf.
-Jarred M. 2/27/2014


5starI brought my two motorcycles in about a month ago to get alarms installed on both of them. A R6 & wife’s 250R. I can’t complain about the work or service.  I asked Angel if he go give my R6 a look through to make sure their was nothing wrong with the bike . I just purchased the R6 From a dealer and I’m new to the motorcycle scene. He charged me a fair price to put on the alarms and didn’t even charge me or try to charge me for the inspection.

I’m happy with the service I received and the way I was treated. Just because I’m new to riding motorcycles, other places would try to rip you off, he didn’t, he was fair and honest with me. That’s hard to find now a days. – Adam N.‎‎ 5/2/2014

5star Great service. Highly recommended.

Took my bike in earlier this year for carb issues and the guys got it running great. The quote they gave me was the price they charged; no hidden fees, no shenanigans.

They also gave me a list of other issues that I may want to check out in the near future. I have experience working on bikes, but just moved to Chicago and have no place to work on them. Their recommendations were spot on and they did not try to oversell me on anything or make me feel that I had to get them done right then and there.

Just took my wheel back in to get a tire put on and they did it within 10 mins.
Great service, great guys, I will definitely recommend Motorcycle Mania to my friends. -Joel P. 5/2/2014



5star  I ride a 2006 Kawasaki 800 Vulcan Drifter — not a too common motorcycle.  I felt that I was not getting the quality service from my dealer and came across this shop.  One of the principals of the business formerly worked at my dealer and I eagerly brought my cycle in for routine service.  I have been back numerous times when I needed tires or oil changes, etc.  I was never oversold on any repair or replacement part.  I will continue to use them without any hesitation.  

Yes, their shop is small and crowded, they don’t have a huge staff of mechanics on duty, and no customer waiting area.  I always made an appointment, brought my cycle to them in the morning, and they finished by the end of the day.  I couldn’t ask for more. -D Jeffrey B. 3/23/14